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Ganguly dropped for third Test

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K.V. Krishnan
Ganguly dropped for third Test
by K.V. Krishnan on Dec 15, 2005 01:40 PM

The way the selectors have dropped Ganguly from the team is very unfair. India's best captain deserves to have been given a rousing reception as his farewell. The selectors have "buried" a good captain without giving him guard of honour. I am again reminded of the saying that the Indian Cricket Selectors are a "Bunch of Jokers". Add to the scenario real full time Politician heading the Board and a foriegn coach who does not understand the "hearts" of Indians. Several "youngsters" are available for Indian Cricket and any number of "pickings" and "discardings" of such "youngsters and new faces" can not culminate in one "seasoned cricketer". I am very sure Ganguly will opt for "retiremet" now. He has sufferred enough ignominy already. May the God bless the best captain of India with a good, peaceful and happy post-cricket-life now.

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sudhir gupta
Dismiss More and Corrupt politicians in Indian Cricket
by sudhir gupta on Dec 15, 2005 01:39 PM

Let ganguly be selected as opener

this is brutal and unforgetful as well as sheameful act

on indian cricket by BCCI>

It has created disinterest and Saurav ganguly will comeback

Saurav millions of Indians are sure you will be on pakistan trip

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Subject: Ganguly dropped
by kinks on Dec 15, 2005 01:28 PM

Hello, Even I feel sad for not taking him for the 3rd test. But Dont compare his form since last 2 years with that of Sachin's. Just go through the records and then comment.

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Prashanta Nayak
ganguly dropped
by Prashanta Nayak on Dec 15, 2005 12:19 PM

Actually it is not right.Because he has played well before 2 innings of 2nd match. What is the cause for ganguly dropped? He is a former captain & also senior member. This type of behave to him is not good.

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Prasanth Kumar
Ganguly dropped
by Prasanth Kumar on Dec 15, 2005 12:03 PM

I am shocked to know that despite a fantastic come back under a lot of pressure, Ganguly has been dropped for the 3rd test. This is clearly a political revenge against him by Chappel and the Selection committee led by Kiran More. I don't see any logic behind dropping a most experienced middle order batsman and taking an inexperienced Mumbaiker, Jaffer. I think the whole selection committee should be reshuffled and put more experienced past cricketers into the selection committee.

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Apologies to Ganguly - Bow my head in shame
by Madhu on Dec 15, 2005 11:48 AM

BCCI and the selectors should have handled Ganguly much better. He is not just another ordinary player. Recall the state of the Indian team when Azhar left in ignominy and Sachin was all at sea as captain... It was Ganguly who brought this team up from scratch. He may have his negatives... who is perfect anyway? The facts are that he is one of the best batsmen to represent India, probably the best left hander India produced, definitely the best captain thus far. I loved his approach against the Aussies and Steve Waugh... that alone makes him deserve accolades and a grand farewell. So what do we do? We throw mud in his face when his best days are behind him. Its a shame that the establishment has treated him with such contempt and disrespect. He deserves much better.

Sorry Saurav. You have been a great player and I bow my head in shame for the way you have been treated.

When can we grow up as a nation and learn to honour our heroes?

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